reede, 23. detsember 2016

Läti kindad portaalis

Ka muisist leiab natukene naabrite kindaid, nt need. Hästi mahedada toonid siiski, ma olen neid näinud ka kaasaegsetes raamatutes, kus toonidele on vint peale keeratud. Seda mõnusam on neid vanu vaadata.

kindad, ERM C 66:5/ab, Eesti Rahva Muuseum,
There are some pairs of mittens also in our archives and can be found at portal. For example those wonderful mild mittens. I like the colors! The pictures I have seen in the books printed recently, those colors are too bright for my eyes and I´ve been always thinking if this has really been so different from us or they just don´t pay enough attention to the yarn colors.

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