Sunday, 2 November 2014

Uued raamatud 2. Uradale Yarns by Anne de Haan, Marja de Haan and Hilly van der Sluis

Vahetult enne Leedu reisi oli minu postkastis üllatuspakk Hollandist, ammuselt kudututtavalt Hilly´lt! Armas mustrivihik, milles tutvustatakse Uradale farmi lõngu. Modellina astub sellels raamatukeses üles ka Hilly tütar.
Mõnusalt looduslikud värvid on nendest juhendites esindatud ja ilusad lõngad, silm puhkab! Mustreid lapates meenus, et mul pole ju ikka veel normaalset talvemütsi, nii et võibolla võtan sealt ühe versiooni kohe varsti ette :)

October has been like a Christmas to me, so many gifts and surprises!
Just before my trip to Lithuania I found a small parcel from my mailbox from Hilly, an old knitty friend from Netherlands. She is one of the authors of Uradale Yarns pattern book, the book that was included to the parcel! Lovely colors, nice yarns from Uradale farm. I already chose the pattern for my new hat from this book :) I desperately need a new hat for winter and this pattern looks perfect for me. 

Thank you Hilly!

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Hilly said...

You're very welcome, Signe! Nice to read that you are going to knit the hat. Hope it's finished before the cold sets in. :-)