kolmapäev, 15. juuni 2011

Tuesday night thoughts

If you think that knitters are calm, old and shy people, then you are totally lost. The experience I`ve got from this summer is that they can be crazy enough to make a tattoo of lily of valley. Its totally crazy... 

Kui te arvate, et kudujad või käsitööliselt laiemalt on selline vaiksemat sorti rahvas, siis te eksite. Nagu täna selgus, võibolla tegemist vägagi kreiside inimestega. Piisavalt kreisidega, et teha omale käele piibelehemustriga tätoveering.

I hope I could save an attitude like our Dutch & Uk knitters have - to be positive, go to university at 50ties, travel around the world, make pyjama parties at hotel and tatto for hangover... and laugh...  Ok maybe I will skip this tattoo part but I don´t mind to have pyjama parties for sure. 

Go, crazy knitters, go!
Hope to see you all soon!!! :)

PS. I made a small gift to all called "medal of honor of survivor of Kihnu". Those were tiny crocheted flowers made of hand-dyed yarn. Hope they liked it, at least they seem to be very happy ;)

3 kommentaari:

Hilly ütles ...

You bet we are very happy! And do join us for a pyjama party next time :-)

Groetjes from Holland!

KK ütles ...

Hehe, I hope to be invited :D

koiklongaks ütles ...

Well, I have now pyjamas :D