kolmapäev, 28. jaanuar 2015

Soojad sokid sõduripoistele

Eile näitas uudistes, kuidas usa sõdurid, kes treenivad Tapal, said kätte oma soojad sokid. Sokid olid kootud "Prillitoosi" saates kõlanud üleskutse peale ning neid koguti üle 120 paari :)
Siit näeb pildigaleriid. Saates olid poistega intervjuud ka.

From FB: Knitted mittens and socks were given to soldiers of Iron Troop, 3rd Squadron from the 2d Cavalry Regiment on Tuesday. The hand-made gifts came from viewers of ETV's Prillitoos, who were asked to knit beautiful and warm mittens and socks for U.S. troops training at Tapa. More than 120 pairs were delivered, in addition to bags of Kalev chocolate. One soldier said the gift made for a nice welcome to Estonia....and that the socks would be amazing for the cold weather.

For more photos, check out the EDF's photo gallery: http://goo.gl/a3hDZ8

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