reede, 24. oktoober 2014

Update. Läti ja Leedu II

Vanaema ütles ikka, et otsi leivatüki moodi. Kaabel osutus valgeks juhtmeks ja oli täiesti sahtlis omal kohal olemas.

Nüüd siis mõned pildid paksudest inglikestest :)

I was already sure that I lost the cable and left it to the hotel but as my grandma used to say - always look carefully, like the way you would look for a bread. So I did, once again and found my camera´s cable from its usual place :S

Here you are, some pictures of cute Latvian angels at Rundale castle.

Previous post was about the 2nd part of my short business trip. I visited Rundale on Tuesday evening, then arrived to the hotel late evening and found out that there will be a exhibition of knitted lace dresses. Really nice surprise! 

On Wednesday I decided to skip the official lunch hour, took my car and found out where the Midara factory shop was located. With working GPS its really easy task and the shop was close to my office. With the help of 2 nice ladies I chose some lace yarn, some local Lithuanian wool and linen skeins for my colleague. We had lot of fun with them. They didin´t speak English, I have some troubles with Russian but we managed. One of the ladies told me that if we wouldn´t manage then let´s use our hands :D 

Yesterday it was time to start driving back home. One of my colleague assisted me on how to find the largest book store in Vilnius. It was really huge and on my way to Tallinn but still very disappointing as the assortment that they had was actually quite poor. I only found some handwork magazines and translations of US books, that´s it. But it had a nice store there where I could buy some presents for my family.

The trip back took me 8 hours with 3 stops. I had to take gasoline at Pärnu and also some drinks before I crossed the Latvian border. Weather was really nice, roads cleaned and I had no troubles with my summer tires.

Btw, I found a small Scottie figurine at souvenir shop in Rundale palace. Black small dog with no connection to dukes, Latvia or castles but there it was and I had to buy it ;)


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