esmaspäev, 8. jaanuar 2007

Lucky me! Lucky me!

I got my mittenswap parcel from the States today! It was sent by Cate and it is wonderful! The mittens and magazines and sweets and yarn etc etc etc! Thank you very much!!!

Pls have a look!

My wonderful warm mittens, designed by Cate. Just a perfect color and yarn, just my size!
Interwearve Knits and Knitscene magazines, my favourites and the issues I didn`t had!
A beautiful white angel!
Keychain - Sock Blocker (very funny item, I love it!)
A skein of yarn (Bentwaters Farm, Virginia. 100% wool)
The stitchers` handcream, lip balm, handmade goat milk soap and the Yarn Lounge`s sweets!
I`m so happy!!! Thank you, Cate!!!

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Having a Knit Fitt ütles ...

Glad you liked the parcel. I felt really terrible that you had been neglected by your mitten swap pal. Wish I could read Estonian :-)

Katrin ütles ...


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